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    Founded in 2008 in Mumbai, India, and fodnly known as PSS, we offer technology based solutions for Association / community management and Event Management. n-Gauge (www.ngauge.co.in), our Association management solution offer tools required for communities to build stronger membership based. Expolab (www.expolab.in) focuses on developing technologies for event management.

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    n-Gauge is a complete Association / Community Management platform, built specially for associations and large communities. Whether your organization has 100 members or few hundred thousands members, n-Gauge has all the required features to manage the group more effectively and keep the members engaged.


    ExpoLab offers a comprehensive event management suite. ExpoLab-Exhibitions offer a large set of modules for Exhibitions & Trade Show orgnizers that help in managing and promoting event better. From sales, to exhibitor management to online registrations, to visitor relation and communications, ExpoLab is single window platform for exhibition organizers.

    ExpoLab conferences an end to end conferences management platform that allows conferences organizer to plan and execute conferences better. From delegate registration to ticket sales to speaker management to conferences website and App. ExpoLab has everything you need to make your conferences a success.

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